Fashion Philosophy

First of all, thanks for joining me! If you’ve been following me on Instagram you may know that I’ve been working up to this blog launch for a little while. I’ve been letting lots of doubts hold me back for too long and finally decided to just go for it. Success is wonderful but we often learn more from our failures, so win-win either way right?

Anyways, I figured I’d better kick things off with a post about why I’m doing this whole thing at all and I’d like to do so by addressing a few of my biggest doubts:

1. This is a very saturated market so to speak -How are you any better than the rest of them?

The blogging and fashion world is no doubt filled with tons of beautiful, intelligent, and creative people, so the answer to question numero uno is quite simple: I’m not. I won’t ever claim to be more talented, smarter, better looking, or more creative than any of the other gals out there. I’m not here to even try to compete with anyone. By nature I’m not a competitive person and I truly believe collaboration is always better than competition. I was encouraged to start this project by a number of wonderfully supportive friends and am just here to give the people what they want! Jk  I’m just here to share my fashion finds, travel tips, fitness struggles, and whatever else ya’ll (no, I’m not from the south) are interested in, and will be here as long as ya’ll will have me.


2. Is this whole thing just totally shallow?

My initial response is yes and no. This whole fashion blogging and social media presence in general is in part superficial. I won’t deny that. However, I think if we go a little deeper than tallying up likes and comparing our lives to gals from high school, we’ll find that a lot of this has deeper roots that some might initially think. In my view, what we wear can significantly impact our lives on a day to day basis. While some folks claim that they truly don’t care about what they wear, I can say with absolute certainty that what I wear impacts how I feel, which in turn impacts how I go about my day.

When I get dressed I’m doing one of two things, either:

1. I’m matching my outfit to my mood


2. I’m using my outfit to influence and change my mood.

Fashion can be such a powerful thing. Throwing on a moto jacket and a swipe of lipstick can give me the confidence to show up to that event I’m not thrilled about. Feeling like I look like a million bucks helps to give me the confidence to feel like I can nail an interview. Not liking how I look makes me feel anxious and uncertain about myself and that can impact how I come off to the people around me. It may seem superficial and silly to some, but I know it makes a big difference in my life, so I’m here to share my tips and tricks with those who may feel the same.

So buckle up and enjoy the ride, it may be bumpy but I promise we’ll get there and learn some things on the way!

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