Accountability in Fitness


Ya’ll I’ve been to the gym a grand total of two times in the last two weeks. As if that isn’t bad enough, that is the most consistently I’ve worked out in the last year. Yikes! This past year has been an overwhelming whirlwind and through it all I’ve seriously honed my skill of avoiding the gym at all costs. Now my 18, even 22 year old self would have laughed and gone out for ice cream, but let’s be real, at almost 27, life is starting to catch up to me and my lazy girl ways are starting to show. It’s officially well past time to get this rump running again!

My top 5 Accountability Strategies:

1. Grab a Buddy

This has always worked wonders for me, in part because it’s always more fun to workout with a friend, and in my case, it plays on my people pleasing tendencies/guilty. If I say I’m meeting someone at the gym, I feel like a jerk bailing, so I go!

*Note: I tried to get P to be my gym buddy, but it turns out he’s the worst. He’s just too sweet to allow me to feel the guilt and too willing to go along with whatever alternative I propose…like ice cream…or tacos.

2. Sign Up & Pay for individual classes

Trying new types of exercise gets me excited and motivated to go, so I’ll sign up for a new class to try it out and use it to jumpstart getting into a routine. I also find that if I have to throw money down to reserve a spot I’m not willing to waste it by not showing up.

*Pro tip-so many places now let you try at least the first class or first week for free-be sure to ask. Also make sure you ask about any discount offers and check out sites like Groupon to find local deals and new classes.

3. Set Goals and Rewards

This one is an oldie but a goodie! Setting a goal for yourself (be it losing a specific number of lbs., fitting into that dress thats been hanging in your closet for months, hitting the gym 5 days a week for a month, etc.) and choosing something to reward yourself with once you achieve it, can be a serious motivator!

I’m a visual gal, so I’ve started keeping a calendar and marking off each day I actually workout so that I can see my progress.

4. Contingency Plan

Lately this has been the one working best for me. I tell myself that I’m not allowed to do certain things, like paint my nails, take a nap, or pick up packages (the most effective) until I hit the gym. Little motivators help incentivize me and they help me block the time off in my schedule.

And now for the one tried and true way to get me into the gym…

5. New workout clothes!

(You knew fashion was going to work itself in here somehow!)

Like I said this one always works for me, but I’ll admit as a girl on a budget it’s not the most sustainable approach. I like to use this one as a kickstarter and then use it as the rewards part of #3.

Check out some of my recent workout gear purchases:


This tank is adorable and can be worn tied as I have or loose and flowy


Tie Tank



Top //Leggings // shoes




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