Second Hand Steals


Did you know on average Americans throw away 80 lbs of used clothing a year PER PERSON?! (you can read some more about this and other clothing related facts here)

That is some straight up craziness. Have no fear, we can easily help reduce some of that clothing waste by shopping second hand AND you can find current pieces at a fraction of the price. Everybody wins!

I’m excited to share some of my favorite second hand finds and shopping tips with ya’ll! Be sure to check out my post Favorite Ways to Save for a full list of my favorite second hand sites along with some other tips and tricks.

Today I’ve decided to showcase three different types of outfits and break them down for you piece by piece to show you exactly how much you can save!


Wedding Guest?

This look is perfect for being a wedding guest, a nice brunch, or any other semi formal event.

This outfit includes:

  • JCREW dress                                                     (originally $60 /paid $ 15 )
  • J Crew heels                                                      (originally $69/ paid $16)
  • Bauble Bar tassel earrings                           (originally $32/ paid $15)
  • knock off Bamboo Bag I found on Ebay     (designer $128 /paid $35)




Workwear anyone?

As a girl on a budget, this can be the hardest look to find great deals on. I’m pretty partial to JCrew work pieces because they always fit me like a glove, but let’s be real, they often have some heafty price tags attached to their beautiful clothes. If I can’t find what I’m looking for on sale I hit up my favorite apps and can always find a great new dress and blazer.

This look was found entirely on Poshmark and includes:

  • J Crew dress                                (originally $185 /paid $ 21)
  • J Crew Blazer                              (originally $150/paid $21)
  • Kate Spade wedge                     (originally $80 /paid $10)
  • Kate Spade tote                          (originally $ over 200/paid $80 )
  • Kate Spade watch                      (originally $195 /paid $40 )



Casual/ Everyday

I’m telling you what guys, you can find ANYTHING on these sites!! Not only do I love finding more formal pieces for work and special events, but these sites are perfect for finding great deals on everyday pieces like designer jeans, never worn shoes, and other name brand favorites.

This look includes:

  • Madewell Sweater Tank                       (Originally $58/ paid $12)
  • Paige Raw Hem Jeans                            (Originally $106/ paid $20)
  • J Crew Felt Hat                                        (Originally $55/ paid $14)
  • Madewell Bag                                         (Originally $169 /paid $45)
  • Anthropologie KMB Leather Flats      (Originally $158/ paid $28)
  • Ray Ban Sunglasses                                (Originally $150/ paid $50)


IMG_9742IMG_9743IMG_9746IMG_9756Are you sold yet?  I love when I can find great sales or awesome new brands to shop that won’t break the bank, but I have to say it feels pretty good to give great finds a new home and know that you’re not only saving money, but helping to save some great pieces from being thrown out.

As always, Happy Shopping!!

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